Little Finishing Touches
Drapes, Decor, & DJ Booths


One of the most unique ways to transform a wedding venue is with white fabric drapery, also known as pipe and drape. TSG Weddings can provide floor to ceiling drapery for your wedding. We utilize 100% cotton drapes that are fire-retardant and meet all government standards and regulations. Our drapes are non-transparent, providing a crisp vibrant look to your venue. Perfect for hiding unpleasant room features including air walls, doorways and equipment storage, white drapery can change the entire look of your event space without impeding its function. Our drapes can be gathered around doorways and entrance ways to allow for easy flow and transition among your guests. Flat style bases and telescoping poles allow us to accommodate our drapery to any sized ballroom or event space. Designed to complement your wedding decor, drapery or pipe and drape will bring a modern linear design element to your event. When paired with lighting, white fabric drapery can immensely enhance the dispersion of light. Drapery is commonly paired with an Intelligent Ambient Lighting Package, dynamically transforming any wedding venue. With white cotton drapes and LED Up Lighting, TSG Weddings can create the modern, sleek look you have imagined. Drapery can also act as a perfect canvas to display a Custom Monogram Gobo in rooms without blank wall space. White Fabric Drapery is simply the most effective way to hide or enhance a wedding venue or event space.

Wedding Chuppah

Commonly utilized in the Jewish faith, a Chuppah is the canopy in which a Jewish Wedding Ceremony takes place beneath. Typically structured of white fabric drapery, a Chuppah is symbolic for the home that a newly married couple will build together. TSG Weddings, can provide Chuppah’s of any size for your wedding. Commonly a Chuppah is made up of four upright poles and a single canopy. We can provide different options, that best suits your needs. Our white fabric drapery allows us to create different designs including sidewalls and passageways. We can also provide LED Up Lighting to illuminate your Chuppah at your request.

Deluxe DJ Booth

Everything has to match… we get it! Our Deluxe DJ Booth allows your DJ to blend in with your wedding decor. Commonly paired with LED Up Lighting, this style of DJ Booth is designed to be illuminated with LED up lights. The modern, sleek concept will complement the ambient feel of your wedding. Made of non-transparent Plexiglas, our Deluxe DJ Booth will softly glow with the rest of your venue. This style of DJ Booth is the simplest way to transform an ordinary, plain, DJ setup into something unique. We strive for a simple, clean setup that is wire-free and of course, classy. Our Deluxe DJ Booth complements any event space and more importantly your wedding venue.