How Important is Professional Videography?

The main advantage of having a professional videographer instead of your friend or relative’s handy cam, aside from the professional equipment, is the experience factor. One aspect of a professional videographer’s job is operating the video camera but, the most important part of their job, is instinctively knowing where, when and how to be there before something happens.

A good videographer will come at least an hour before the event, and before the guests are let into the reception hall, to capture high quality shots of the decorations and tables.  So, while the friend or relative who is supposed to be videotaping the event for you has not yet arrived or is having a snack during the cocktail hour, the videographer has already filmed all the decorations and has now moved on to taking shots of your formals with the photographer; candid moments of family and friends and your family’s preparation for their formal announcements as they enter the reception hall.  Once the guests arrive and the event begins, it is filmed exactly as it happens.

Experienced local videographers in your area will most likely know the DJ’s and photographers, as they usually see them at other events, and are familiar with each other.  A videographer will stay by the DJ to find out what is going on throughout the course of the celebration; the videographer also knows to always keep an eye on the photographer during key moments to make sure both parties get adequate space and line of vision. This way all your vendors are essentially working together allowing for the best possible outcome.

Remember, you will always have your pictures to show people, but, if you want to re-live the sights and sounds of your wedding  day in professional broadcast quality, then you should hire a professional videographer.

by Josh Norton @