Digital Photo Station

All Digital. All Awesome.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Capture Memories With A Photo Station

We recommend placing the photo station as close to the dancing space as possible to make sure it captures the most energetic moments from your groups of family and/or friends.

Photo Station

This simple, space saving photo station is both popular and a lot of fun.  It’s perfect if space is tight at your venue and you still want to add an extra element of fun and excitement.

Guests simply walk up to the station, select if they want to create a digital photo layout, GIF, or Video. After that, the photo station does the rest through some simple taps of the touch screen! about 5 seconds later, you can enter your cell phone number or email address and the photo station will send over the output to the person who just used it!

Last but not least, it will also create a webpage where all of your guests will be able to access all of the fun stuff that is happening as it does live updates after each photo station visit!

(Venue Wi-Fi is required.) (Website will stay live for 45 days after the date of your event. Does not produce physical prints. This is a digital solution only and does not produce actual prints.)

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