Basic Wedding Videography

We Capture Your Day As It Happens

We are very excited to offer a brand new service to couples for their upcoming weddings, but it also comes with very limited ability. One of the things we hear couples talk a lot about is videography. Should you have a video of your wedding day? Should you save the money? There are so many opinions on this subject and we know it comes down to personal choice. It's certainly a great way to capture your family and friends. After all, how cool would it be to share your video with future generations, or watch it all happen again on your anniversary! With that said, we've decided to offer a basic videography service. In NO way are we trying to compete with the amazing professional videographers and film makers in the Boston wedding market. Instead, we are providing this as a solution, and alternative to those of you that don't want to spend a large amount of money and only require the most basic of video services. We already own the equipment, and we already have a team of people trained beyond the knowledge of a typical home user, so we decided to offer this service as an added benefit that is exclusive to couples who are using TSG as their wedding DJs.

Once the wedding is completed, you will receive a very basic, edited video of your wedding (within 30 days). The total footage usually ends up being 45-60 minutes long (sometimes a few minutes more). It will include all the important moments as well as some great dancing footage so that you can remember how amazing your wedding day was for years to come. The video file will be delivered via Standard DVD and a digital download containing an MP4 high definition video file which is friendly on both PC and MAC.
This video package is great for the couple who doesn't have the budget for full video production. If you want a basic, but excellent quality video without all the bells and whistles AND you don’t want to bother Uncle Harry to bring his camera and hope he remembered to charge the battery, than this is a great option for you! If you are looking for artistic angles, special effects, and storytelling editing, than this option is NOT for you and you should be looking at a professional videographer and film maker (we would be glad to make recommendations!). This service is limited to one wedding per day and dates are booking quickly. If you are interested in adding this service to your wedding day, give us a call or send us an email.