Andy Sussman

Founder / Wedding Host / DJ

Andy Sussman

Founder / Wedding Host / DJ

It’s no mystery why couples are constantly singing the praises of renowned Boston based wedding DJ Andy Sussman. With his unmistakable talent, unwavering professionalism, warm and entertaining personality, and over three decades of experience, Andy infuses each and every wedding with something unique and unforgettable.

Andy knows how to honor your vision while crafting an exceptional music experience on your special day. He will expertly help you focus on the big picture while keeping track of all the small details. Andy brings your personal soundtrack to life while making the entire process feel effortless, fun, without games and gimmicks. This key combination is what sets him apart in the world of wedding DJs and is why he can’t wait to customize your entire wedding experience.

But wait, there’s more! Andy’s DJing will highlight the elegance of your wedding day while enhancing the excitement on the dance floor. With his musical touch, guests of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy a fantastic night out celebrating. As a well-spoken master of ceremonies, Andy has been a part of spectacular memories that brides and grooms will remember for the rest of their lives.  If you ever get the chance, ask him about the stacks of thank you notes he has saved and collected over the years, and how much they mean to him.

So how did it all start? Andy has always had a lifelong passion for music. Throughout middle school and high school, he worked for another DJ company, learning not just how to DJ, but started to peel back the curtain of the entire DJ industry, and the business aspects of a successful DJ business.  Andy learned and grew his craft by DJing fundraisers, school dances, holiday parties, block parties, and bar/bat mitzvahs. In his college years, Andy’s outgoing nature and his love of all things music landed him a position on the Street Team at JAM’N 94.5FM Boston as the official DJ for all outside radio station promotional events.  Not long after, he was also given the role as Production Assistant at that same radio station. In this role, he produced and voiced radio commercials for local and national clients. Andy’s music-mixing abilities also led him to become one of the youngest contributing on-air mix show DJs as well as Assistant Mix Show Producer at JAM’N. Since his days at JAM’N, Andy has had the privilege of hosting and DJing in countless venues, private events, nightclubs, and even mega venues like the TD Garden & DCU Center.

Beginning in 2009, Andy now focuses exclusively on weddings. As the owner of TSG Weddings, Andy is in charge of all of the day-to-day business operations (and all of the boring but necessary paperwork!). In late 2012, Andy also founded The Greater Boston Wedding DJs, a Facebook group that quickly grew into a widely-used resource. Today this group is made up of over 400 of Boston’s most talented wedding DJs who come together to share ideas, discuss industry trends, and provide vital support to one another.

As an added bonus, in case of emergencies, or heaven forbid an officiant doesn’t show up, Andy is also an ordained minister that can legally marry people in all 50 states.

Andy is a graduate of Brandeis University where he earned a degree in Sociology and minored in Law, Medicine & Health Policy. In his free time, he can’t get enough of family, music in all of its forms, photography, computers, and cuisine.  He loves dining out, and trying as many restaurants as possible. Andy resides in Danvers with his wife Stephanie and son Nathaniel.

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