Shopping For A Wedding DJ

Shopping for a wedding DJ is just like shopping for other major services you might need in life and there are a couple of things to consider as you begin. The first and most important thing to ask yourself (and your fiancé) is – How important is a DJ when it comes to the grand scheme of your wedding reception. Everyone has priorities and it’s important to decide what you want your wedding day to look, feel, and sound like. What do you want the entire experience to be like for your family and friends?

Maybe the thing you care about the most is the meal. Maybe the setting & venue are the things you want your guests to remember forever. You have to say to yourself – “after my wedding day is over, what do I want my family and friends to say about it a few days later, a few weeks later, a few months later, and a few years later?”.

Let’s take a minute to think back to some of the weddings and events you’ve been to as a guest. I think it’s safe to say that the flowers didn’t make your night (even though they were probably beautiful)! You might not even remember what you had to eat. BUT I bet you DO remember if you had fun. When you break things down and look at the overall wedding experience – The DJ is the biggest contributor to “did I have fun”.

It’s our job to set and create the tone, the mood, the flow, and the energy. It’s our job to guide you and your guests through an amazing experience.

We meet with a lot of couples and we love talking about weddings. We always ask couples to tell us about weddings they’ve been to. We want to know what they thought and if they had fun. We ask in a very open ended way so that they can literally talk about anything to do with the weddings they went to. Guess what 19 out of 20 couples end up talking about and focusing on?! Yup! The music and the DJ. We hear stuff like “the wedding was amazing and we danced all night” or “it was okay, the music wasn’t really that good and the DJ didn’t really play what people wanted to dance to”. Or even stuff like “It didn’t really flow that well.  There was a lot of downtime, and I didn’t even know the parent dances were happening when they were happening.”

Do YOU think about weddings and events the same way? When you are a guest, do you judge how great of a night it was by the music and the dancing? If you do, than hiring a DJ should be one of the most important things on your wedding to-do list.

Often times you get what you pay for in life. When you sit and figure out your wedding budget, make sure that the numbers are divided up and correctly represent the items and services that are the most important to you. For instance, If the food is the most important thing you care about on your wedding day, and you only budget $50 per plate/person – You might have to revisit that budget breakdown. Just the same, if all you care about is a packed dance floor and people raving about how amazing the energy was – and you only have $1000 allocated for your entertainment, you won’t end up with the results you really want because you don’t have the appropriate money budgeted for a top tier DJ.

Set realistic wedding goals and then come up with a budget that makes sense and supports the parts of the wedding experience that are the most important to you, your fiancé, and your group of family & friends.

Good luck planning, and as always, reach out to us if we can help answer any questions to help you along the way!
Andy Sussman, Founder & DJ, TSG Weddings