Personalizing Your Boston Wedding Cake

We’ve all seen pictures of our parents’ wedding cake.  Generally, they all look the same, right?  White frosting piped in swags and scrolls, lots of frosting flowers, pillars and columns, etc.

Not so with today’s wedding cakes.

As they do with their weddings, many couples today look for unique ways to put their own “stamp” on their wedding cakes, whether it be with little touches or big flourishes.

Every couple takes a different approach in choosing their cake design.  Some stick with a more classic style, but tie in colors or a motif they are using in their wedding for accents on the cake.  Others go for the conversation starter cake – something that will make the cake stand out in every guest’s memory!

Whatever your approach, here are a few things to think about before sitting down with your baker to discuss your wedding cake design.

*What shape do you want?  It may seem simple, but shape can make a big impression.  Round, of course, is very traditional.  Square tends to look more contemporary.  Hexagon is more unusual and can lend itself to some interesting designs.  Some bakers offer shapes like heart (great for those Valentine’s Day Weddings) and petal (shaped like a flower) too.

*What colors are you using in the wedding?   There are many ways to incorporate color into your cake.  A bold choice is to veer away from the traditional white/ivory frosting or fondant for the outside and opt for a color instead.  Another more subtle option is to use colored satin ribbon or colored artwork on your cake.  Lastly, fresh flowers, buttercream flowers, or sugared flowers are beautiful ways to add splashes of color.

*Are you using any common design elements that could be incorporated in your cake?  Many couples draw inspiration from a design motif on their save-the-dates and invitations (ie: a fleur de lis, monogram, Celtic symbol, etc.) and will use that on their wedding cake.  Those that are having seaside weddings may choose nautical or seashell elements for accents on their cakes.

*Is there a theme to your wedding that you’d like to incorporate into your cake?  Many couples choose unique themes for their weddings.  Some are tied into an era, such as the 20’s, or a type of architecture, such as Art Deco, or even a culture, such as Celtic or Moroccan.  A creative baker can come up with suggestions that can tie in these themes, such as using a zigzag design common to Art Deco architecture or a paisley pattern commonly seen throughout the Moroccan culture.

*The Wedding Gown!   Many brides are now using the design elements from their own wedding dresses as inspiration for their cake design.  It may be as simple as using edible pearls on your cake that emulate the hand-sewn pearls on the train of your dress, or more elaborate such as having the lace floral pattern on your dress re-created on your cake.

Whatever the outcome of your cake design, it should reflect your personality and overall feel of your wedding, be it understated or over-the-top.  And all that aside, make sure that it’s delicious!

article written by Jennifer Brennan, Cakes for Occasions,