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    Stevens Estate

Noah Rodman is beyond amazing. He is able to rock a bow tie like no other man can. Noah played a duel role on our wedding day flawlessly. Not only did he ensure that there was the perfect music accompaniment to every moment captured, he also took on the very important role of performing our ceremony. He was incredibly easy to work with and made that oh-so-stressful role as a bride just a little bit easier. He took the time to write vows that were unique and individualized to us that celebrated our love perfectly. As the MC Noah and his crew worked with the wedding coordinator [making sure] that all the details from cake cutting to speeches went off without a hitch. He took the time to meet with the Maid of Honor and Best Man helping clarify their roles of the evening and alleviate any and all anxieties. Our marriage was a celebration of love and every detail was just as we envisioned it. Every person young and old were able to live it up during our reception. We have been blessed to announce a honeymoon baby on the way. Coincidence? We were able to refer him to some close friends that got married only a month later. It was apparent to us that his talents were not simply a fluke seeing him in action during that wedding as well. You cannot go wrong with TSG. They will go the extra mile to insure that your day will be just as amazing, special, and unique as ours was.