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    Smith Barn

Beejay nailed it! He took some time to get to know my husband and I, and what we envisioned the “feel” of our wedding to be. We had a few requests that were non-traditional and (what I felt like was) a lot of particularities that we wanted included in our day. There were numerous moments throughout the day where I actually thought to myself, “Beejay is really doing a great job”. Throughout the cocktail hour and dinner, almost every song that came on was one that we loved. The ambiance in the room was perfect. After dinner, we gave Beejay the freedom to do what it took to keep everyone dancing and he did! Our wedding ended around 9:00pm ON A SUNDAY, and at that point, there were still people dancing like crazy! Beejay provided our loved ones with an epic experience – I’ve had multiple people tell us that our wedding was one of the best they’ve been to, and Beejay played a huge huge part in that! Beejay rocks!