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    Hilton Resort Aruba

HIGHLY reccomend DJ Andy Sussman and TSG Weddings!! We used TSG for our destination wedding on the one happy island of Aruba. Yes, you heard that right – destination wedding! We’ve been to a bunch of weddings where TSG provided the soundtrack and knew we HAD to have DJ Andy Sussman for our wedding. We were so confident with our decision we just told Andy to do what he does and didn’t given him much input. Andy delivered, packing our dance floor in the 90 degree heat. Every single one of our 60 guests were up on there feet the very first song. Our photographer was scheduled to leave just as the dancefloor was set to open. After speaking with Andy we decided to go with his recommendation of doing a high energy dance set right after our first dance in order for the photographer to get photos of our guests dancing. Not only was this a great idea but it set the mood for the remainder of night. During the 11 months of planning leading up to the wedding Andy remained in constant contact with us. He was very easy to get in touch with and made the entire process a breeze! TSG’s online planning system takes the guesswork out of everything. Detailed questions make it so nothing is forgotten. Andy is absolutely the best, we can’t say enough great things about him. His warm, friendly and fun loving personality made him a great choice for the elegant and intimate wedding we had planned. About 1/2 way through our wedding the Aruban skies opened up and it started to tropicaly downpour. Andy and his assistant CJ did not hesitate one bit. Together they moved the entire sound system inside and had music playing again in less then 15 minutes .. unbelievably fast! By the time all of our guests were inside the dancefloor was packed again and remained that way till the very last song. Our guests raved about how amazing the music was and how seamless the transitions were between songs. Our wedding was absolutely the best night of our lives and we owe it all to DJ Andy Sussman!